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Relationships Coaching


Relationships Coaching

Relationships pose the most challenging and most rewarding contracts people have with one another, but who really knows how to build and sustain them as people change? The social codes we are taught to follow apply to stereotypes, not to people in their uniqueness, so we reinforce the conditioning while obscuring the truth of who we really are. The sad thing is we uphold each other's behavioral patterns as long as we continue in relationships without tools, and none of us gets to come to know the depth of intimacy that is possible between two people.

We are taught to ask what the relationship will give us rather than look at what the relationship asks of us. Only in this way can we shift from exhausting ourselves through processing and problem-solving to accessing the nourishment of unconditional connection.

Common Signs

that your relationships need attention

Common Signs

that your relationships need attention

  • You feel tired or drained in the presence of your partner or friends

  • You feel resentful, your feelings are hurt

  • You feel scared to be open with your thoughts and feelings

  • You feel scared intimacy will be used against you later

  • You feel like you don’t have permission to express all parts of you

  • You don’t trust that your partner considers your feelings

  • You feel disrespected

  • You feel powerless

  • Drama runs your relationships

  • You want more intimacy

  • You feel desire but don't quite know how to express it

  • You want to make your partner happier

  • You want to learn your partner’s love language

  • You want more passion

  • You want to understand your relationship dynamics


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